Mother Christmas

By David Lewis
Hampstead Theatre

Venues: Hampstead Theatre Downstairs

Date: Dec 7th- Jan 13th 2017/18

It’s Christmas Eve and the annual fancy dress party at matriarch Maggie’s house is about to begin – the mince pies are in the oven, the festive tunes are playing and Ben’s debuting another classic costume… a giant oven-ready turkey. Three generations of the same family together again. But beneath this shiny spectacle, the bickering and resentments from Christmases past have seemingly left their mark, threatening to overflow into Christmas present and Christmases to come.

But, surely, whatever’s happened over the years can be forgiven and forgotten – after all, it’s Christmas. Christmas is love, Christmas is peace, a time for hating and fighting to cease…?

Team: David Lewis, Donnacadh O’Briain 

Cast: TBC